Oh ALLAAH, make us see reasons to be grateful to You. You are The Most High and The Sustainer. 

A brother finished taking his breakfast (you may call it brunch) and was just parking the dishes before he noticed someone outside. Going to check who it was, he saw a woman and her daughter of about 8 years old. She passed quickly and the daughter came towards the door. Then she said, “Good morning, sir. Please give us anything to eat”. 
He looked at her and checked himself, there was nothing on him.  He checked around, and still found nothing. He told her, anyway. It was then he realized he just finished eating, and yet to thank ALLAAH. 
In our daily quest for sustenance, there are other people who are hungry. And what are we doing? Gathering money to buy cars, phones, and all what pleases us. 
Look around your environment if ALLAAH has raised your status a bit higher than average. “Could there be someone around needing any help?” This should ring often in our mind. 
You eat and throw away leftover and you don’t know how many are in need of the least nutritious food. All they want is just to eat something. Just anything to hold the stomach. Your mum served you meal and yet, you complain of not eating, you need some other kinds of sumptuous dishes. Yet, after you are done eating, you forget to give thanks to the One who has given to you and provided for you. 
May ALLAAH assist us all and grant us goodness and good deeds. 
Others are struggling looking for that meal you complain to eat everyday. The Prophet had said as it was authentically reported in the Saheeh of Imaam Muslim, Sunan of Ibn Maajah, Tirmidhiyy and others, from the hadeeth of Abuu Dharr, that:
“When you make a broth (which could be a pot of food with meat), increase its water (the content, make it much) and share with your neighbours”
He salla LLAAHU alayhi was also asked of what act is the best in Islaam and she said “Feeding the poor, spreading the tasleem to those you know and to those you do not know”.
May ALLAAH always  provide and sustain us. 
Do not wait to be asked before you help the poor and needy. 
Do not wait to sneeze before you say Al-hamdu li LLAAH.
الحمد لله أولا و آخرا، والصلاة و السلام على رسول الله.
– Abuu Mus’abil-khayr
23rd of Dhul-Qa’dah, 1438 Hijriyyah (16/8/17).