Beauty is a good thing. It gives you confidence, differentiates you among people and enhances your charisma. Allah (swt) is beautiful. His Prophet (saw) was grand in appearance. But beauty is not always good. It can be a blessing or a trial. 

On the day of judgement, Allah (swt) promised not to look at our appearances. He will only consider our deeds. And ultimately, those who earn His mercy through their good deeds will witness his eternal pleasure. 
If you are beautiful, know that it is a huge test. It may be your means to Allah’s pleasure and it may have been created as the reason of your doom. May Allah protect us from that. 
Remember Suratul Masad, the 111th chapter in the Qur’an? That Surah where Allah cursed Abu Lahhab! Did you know his ill destiny was hugely attributed to his beauty? 
Not in that manner you are thinking. I am not going to say he was cursed for his beauty.
From cradle, his face had an extreme blooming beauty. That attribute earned him the title Abu Lahhab- flame-like! 
You probably thought Allah named him Abu Lahhab. The people had given him that name. Like some will brand a typical soccer star ‘fire’, or a model, ‘hot’. 
Abu Lahhab chose his choice. He misled the people into denying the Prophet (saw) on the great day when the Prophet (saw) was saying to the people “Yaa Sabaahah! Yaa Sabaahah! and they almost responded. 
He was indeed a renowned man with great influence and his beauty was a core part of his charisma. He confused the people with the good personality Allah gave him and Allah cursed with that beauty. 
Abu Lahhab! Flamelike man condemned to burn in the blazing flames! May Allah protect us from that. Ameen. 
Beauty is not the only gift Allah endows people. What has he given you and how has it helped you become worthier among people? Will you choose to gain Allah’s displeasure through your gift or will you choose to gain His pleasure? 
Whatever Allah has given you- personality, skill, power, wealth, position, advantage- use it in his service. Do not gain his displeasure from it, lest you receive his curse while you do not know. 
Always remember that a servant may do a tiny righteous deed and gain Allah’s pleasure. And he may do something he thinks negligible and gain Allah’s displeasure. 
Eternal doom is incomprehensibly unbearable. Abu Lahhab’s curse came in a single moment. And Allah cursed him with his most prominent gift. May Allah never deny us His pleasure. Ameen. 
©Usamah Adenowo


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