Don’t tie your obedience to Allah around the neck of a person

Don’t tie your obedience to Allah around the neck of a person. So when that person pleases you, your obedience increases but if they anger you, you rebel against Allah.

This is extremely common in marriages where one person “changed” for the sake of their spouse and not for the sake of Allah.
So when the marriage breaks down, so does their obedience to Allah. What this person doesn’t realise is that in rebelling against Allah, they are a double loser:
1. They receive no reward for their initial actions because they weren’t sincerely for Allah.
2. They are earning sin for their disobedience once they rebel.
Sadly many people do this after divorce under the guise of “rebuilding”. Shaytaan makes them believe that through their actions, they are coping with divorce. In reality they are merely slipping further away from Allah!
Rather, whenever any calamity befalls us we should turn back to Allah rather than rebelling against Him. The cure for heartbreak doesn’t lie in going out, buying new clothes, abandoning hijab/beard etc, leaving salah and indulging one’s desires. It lies in the remembrance of Allah and adhering to the Sunnah. We must leave this rebound culture.
Abdulhakeem Dammy Adeyemi


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