​Do Not Neglect Your Duties 

Shaykh Uthaimeen (rahimahullaah) said:

If we ponder over the conditions of the people today, we will find that many of them are not dutiful to their parents. Rather they are disobedient. You will find him being good to his friends, and does not become bored from sitting with them, but if he were to sit with his father or mother for one hour of the day, you will find him bored, as if he were on a hot coal. So this one is not one who is dutiful. Rather, the dutiful one is the one who opens his heart to his mother or father, and he serves them over all things and he is dillegent upon pleasing them with everything he can.

[Shar al-Wasitittiyah (3/121)]
Today, we realise that it is not limited to sitting with friends but also being online on social media and calls with friends even those who do not benefit them. You see them engaging in baseless arguments and insults. They comment on everything as if it is their ticket to enter Jannah while neglecting their parents and families.
We ask Allaah to grant us hidayah.


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