The truth must be told even if it is bitter, Pls read and judge yourself after this…

Why did you say that?

Because music is HARAM!!!

Did you say Haram? Is it not a Makrooh?

No! Music falls under the category of haram.

Ok, fine.. What’s your proof?
In Surah Luqman Verse 6, Allah says:
” Among men are those who purchase idle talks to mislead men from the path of Allah “.

The word lahwal hadith according to Ibn Masood, the four Khalifas, the eminent Sahabaah, the Tabieen, the four Imaams and other reliable Islamic scholars and authorities have agreed that it is referred to as al-ghina or music.
In Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol 7, the book of drinks

no 5590 reported by Abu Malik Al-Ashari that…

`There will be people of my Ummah who will seek to make lawful; fornication, wine-drinking and the use

of maaazif (musical instruments ).

Seeking to make lawful means they are all unlawful.

So from the verse and the hadith, the four imams

unanimously agreed that music is haram.
But what is Haram about Music?
1) Singing and listening to music is haram

The Prophet said:

Istimahul malahi maa asiyatun – to listen is a major crime

Waljulusu alayha fisqun – to sit in a gathering of

music is an open violation to Allah

Wataladhuzu biya kufrun – to derive pleasure out of music is kafur

The Prophet blocked his ears while he was walking and heard music playing.
2) Purchasing of male and female singers is haram

Ayesha RA narrates that the Prophet (S) said that

Almighty Allah has made unlawful the trade in

singing slave maids, their training and listening to their songs.
3) Purchase of instruments for fun and amusement.

Akramah RA said the Prophet (S) said that;

“Almighty Allah has raised me to destroy flute and the drum.”
But Music has benefits?
Yes it does, just as some says that there is benefit

in the drinking of alcohol so also is music. Some

says music is food for the soul without which

existence is impossible.

Music makes them feel loved, forget about their

problems, relaxes their mind, feel high etc.

But have you ever thought about the negative impact of music?
1. Music takes you away from the remembrance of

Allah because Music and Qur’an can’t sit in the

heart at the same time.
2. A waste of precious time: Research proved that an average youth spend at least five hours a day listening to music:
3. It is an audio pornography that makes you lose you moral senses – use of vulgar, shameless and violent words.
4. Music leads to zina: as it arouses the sexual

desires. The Holy Prophet (S) said,” Singing is a ladder to Adultery.”
5. Music is a degradation to the status of women

Islam: Just look at the video clips.
6. Leads to hypocrisy and deprives you from the Rahmah of Allah – Ibn Qayyin Al Jawziyya says that music in one’s heart makes one move away from Allah’s Rahmah. Imam Ja’far As-Sadiq (a.s.) said:

“Music is the nest of hypocrisy.”
7. Takes away the imam like the fire takes away

the bush in the harmattan season.
8. Music is the primary cause for calamities in the dunia: jinn attacks, earth quakes etc. Prophet said that when my Ummah will take fifteen habits, calamities will befall them and among them is

music listening.

Sahl Bin Saad narrates that Holy Prophet (S) said,

“Submersion below the surface of the earth, raining of stones from the sky and mutilation of figures shall come about in my ummat.” The companions asked, “O the Prophet of Allah when shall it happen?” The Prophet (S) there upon said:” When

musical instruments shall be in abundance and there shall be a large number of singing girls and shall be unlawful.”

Ali RA said,”And music and songs give rise to

hypocrisy and is one of the ways leading towards

poverty and hunger.
9. It creates a temporal illusion of madness and

sometimes permanent madness because of the

tension in the brain. It is an intoxicant and one is

unaware of his immediate environment.
10. It create nervous breakdown and even stomach ulcers discovered in France in 1957
11. It has led to lots of violence and deaths: The

daily ‘Kayhan’ (Tehran), No 6626, published a news of the Reuter Agency: About 50,000 youths had gathered in Melbourne (Australia) for a musical concert. The concert overwhelmed them so much that they started assaulting each other with fists and knives. Many were seriously injured; some

girls were molested.
12. Leads to Deafness: Experts says that prolonged exposure to a noise level above 85 decibels will eventually result in a reduction of hearing acuity in

the frequency range most important for understanding the human speech. Dr. Charles Lebo, of the Pacific Medical Centre took measuring

instruments into two San Francis co dance halls

where the cacophony from amplified instruments

caused sound intensity from 100 to 119 decibels in the low frequency range.
13. Will be deprived of listening to the beautiful voice of Allah – Prophet (S) said,” Molten lead will be put in the ears of that person who listens attentively to music and songs”.
14. Music has no barakah and it will never increase your Islamic knowledge… all the songs in the world

couldn’t be compared to Alif, Laam, Meem in

barakah would not be equivalent to them.

I conclude by reminding you about our main purpose on this Earth…Allah created us only to worship Him alone and to worship Allah is to obey Him and abstain from what He forbids..

We all know music is difficult to leave but we just have to make the sacrifice in order to please our Creator and Allah says: perhaps you may like something but in reality it is bad for you..

verily the ear, and the eye and the heart, all

of them will be asked. The ear and what it listened to, the eye and what it looked at and the heart and what it intended.”
So If you claimed to be a muslim, then u need to obey Allah by stop listening to music, it might be hard at first but with time you will get over it..just pls be sinere with your repentance make a convent with Allah not to do it again. How bad would have been our position if we die with this habit. 

Prophet says Allah will call those who forgo music for His sake and give them Hur’ains to entertain them.
Respected brothers let’s use this medium to end the fitnah of music in our lives, let’s Repent before Allah and ask His forgiveness. May He forgive us, have mercy on us and accept our repentance..Ameen

Free feel to share this piece..jazaakallahu kahyran

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