Praise be to Allaah and blessings of Allaah be upon His Messenger and Chosen Prophet. 

Some Muslims have lost their faith in Allaah, because Donald Trump is the new USA President due to the bad statements he uttered about Islaam and Muslims. 
Some of the bad statements are; closing down the Mosques because of terrorists attack.
Giving American Muslims special data base in order to control terrorism and he sees Mosque as the hideout for terrorists.
My question to those Muslims who have lost their faith by fearing Donald Trump, is that, is Donald Trump more wicked than Fir’awn, Aboo Lahab or Aboo Jahl? 
If you are truly a faithful Muslim you don’t need to fear Donald Trump for his bad agenda against Islaam beecause it is Allaah Who safeguards His religion not us.
Allaah says: It is only Shaytaan that causes you to fear from his friends, but do not fear them, and fear Me if you are believers. (Sooratu Aali-Imraan verse 175).
Besides if America is no longer a better place, migrate to where you can practise your religion with calmness since America is not a Paradise. 
During the time of Prophet Muhammad, Allaah told him to leave Makkah, where he was born, due to the affliction on him by the Unbelievers, and he went to Madinah where he was welcomed.
The worst part of it is that, many people wish Hillary Clinton, a woman to become President of America, as if her victory will favour Islaam. What a wrong thought!
It is clearly indicated by the hadeeth of Aboo Bakrah who said that when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) heard that the Persians had appointed the daughter of Chosroes as their queen, he said: 
“No people who appoint a woman as their leader will ever prosper.” (Reported by Al-Bukhaari, 13/53).
My advice for the Muslims, who are worried about the election victory of Donald Trump, is to rely on Allaah and focus on their religion.
Allaah’s help to the Muslims against their disbelieving enemies who wage war on them is something real and true. 
Almighty Allaah has promised that to the believers, and has told them that it is near, and that He only delays it for certain significant reasons. 
The one who has strong faith and true certainty will realise that it is indeed near as the Lord, may He be exalted, has told us.
The help of Allaah that is near is not for everyone who claims to believe or claims to be a Muslim; rather it is only for those who truly believe in their hearts and carry out their duties as enjoined by Islaam.
May Almighty Allaah keep us safe and sound from worries and to relieve us of distress and anxiety, for He is the All-Hearing, Ever-Responsive, and He is the Ever-Living, Eternal. Ameen
Gathered by Abu Mardiy Kewdirôrun At-thaqoofiy


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