For every successful man, there is a woman behind him, for more success, marry more women if you would be just between them. When a man marries  more women, their rizq will be placed under him, hence wider opportinities will be opened for him.

Ibn abass radiAllah anhu said,
Marry, for the best person in this ummah had the most wives (sahih bukhari 5069).
Romance is not only in monogamy, romance is even more needed in polygamy, for a stable and lovely atmosphere either the wives are all in one house or separate houses. 

The prophet sallalahu alayhi wassalam was able to live with them all without making them cry, but romeo made juliet cry several times.

Yet people prefer the latter to the former.
Imam Ahmad bin hanbal rahimahuLlah said:
Monasticism has nothing to do with islam, the prophet married 14 women and he died leaving 9 of them behind, he used to wake up in the morning and his family would have nothing to eat and sometimes go to bed without anything to eat, yet he chose marriage and encouraged others to marry. (kitab al wara 116).
No marriage is perfect at all.
A monogamy may be sweet while a polygyny is tough, and a polygamy may be smooth while a monogamy may even lead to fights and divorce. 
Yet women still prefer monogamy no matter what. Its because of the what some of the men of today has turned polygamy  into. So women now prefer a brutal husband than having co-wives. 
It was narrated:

A man was once flogging his wife, so another man was passing and said:
Don’t beat her, animals are meant to be punished with stick, but as for women, punish them with other women (co-wives).  
The husband said to the wise man:

I don’t understand what you said?

The wife said:
My husband, continue flogging me, and don’t mind that foolish man.  (Rawdatul uqalaa, p76).
Hence, an average woman of today prefers a brutal monogamy than a peaceful polygamy .  
The prophet was very just and had a very romanic home, for instance:
1)Anas ibn malik said:
The prophet would go to his wives every morning from one room to another greeting them one by one (sahih bukhari, tafsir of ahzab 6/941)
How many men greet their wives today?
2)Aisha radiallahu anha:
The prophet used to cast lots between his wives before going out, once he did it and the lots chose hafsah and myself, so in the evening we both went on a stroll with him (muslim 2445).
How many men go out strolling with their wives today?
If you see a couple strolling in d evening today, its not bcos they are romantic, they are only waiting for the smell of the otapia-pia(insecticide ) they sprayed inside d house to vanish. 
3)Anas ibn malik:
Every evening, all the wives of the prophet would gather in the room of the person whose turn it is to spend the night with the prophet sallalahu alayhi wassalam (sahih muslim 1462).
How sweet, they would all gather there gisting and discussing and making the person happy. What a sisterhood!


4)Aisha radiAllaha said:
One day, sawdah visited my apartment, so the prophet came and sat between me and her, putting one leg on her laps and another on top of my laps. I went to get the khazirah(food) I prepared and I told her to eat but she refused. I said:
If you don’t eat, I will stain your face with it, but she rejected my offer. So I dipped my hand in the food and threw it at her face. The prophet laughed and gave her his own food too, she used it to stain my face too and we continued that way.  (Silsilatul ahadeeth as-saheehah 7/363).
This is a summary of the bliss in that polygamous home even though they had their negative sides too.
For instance,
Zaid ibn aslam said:
When the prophet was in his final illness, all his wives surrounded him, he was in so much pains, so safiyyah said,

Oh prophet of Allah, wallahi, I wish I could be in your position so that I will suffer this illness on your behalf.

The other wives hissed at her. 

The prophert said, go and wash your mouthes. They said, from what?

He said, because you hissed at her, wallahi, she was truthful, she meant what she said.  

(Akhrojahu Ibn sa’ad, 8/821).
Today, if a man has four wives, he can beautify his marriage by:
1)Having a family halqah every evening, he is the amir, he gives them lectures to present and teaches them.
2)Whenever he travels, they won’t  feel  too lonely as they can discuss with eachother, its a full house.
3)He can open a whatsapp group where he gists with all his wives simultaneously.
4)Since they are plenty, they can share chores at times : one does the cooking, another does the cleaning, another drives to the market to buy food items and another handles the kids.


No matter what, a man can’t still be 100% just regarding women. 
Yahya bin sa’eed said:
Muadh bin jabal had two wives, whenever its the turn of one of them, he would not even perform ablution or even drink water in the house of the other wife, when the plague in syria occured, both wives died the same day, the graveyards were filled as many muslims were busy burying their deads, so muadh had no option than to bury them in the same grave, so he casted lots to know which one to be buried first, so they were both buried in one grave (hilyah al awliya).
Look at how just muadh was to his two wives, many men today take justice with levity, when they marry a new wife, they forget the old one.  When he goes out, he goes with the new wife, he feels the first wife is no longer “presentable”. 
Imam bin kathir said:
If any man transgress against his wives without justification, Allah is their protector and he will revenge against such men. (Tafsir ibn kathir 4: 34).

The mistake many men make is that they marry different categories of women into one home, for instance:
He marries, a lousy woman, a swagger woman, a rugged mama-G and a religious woman. How do you expect this different women to exist peacefully in one home? 
 Its like signing your own death certificate.
Umar ibn khattab said:
Oh my son, the wife of a man is the tranquility of his heart and there is no joy in quarelling with her always, so if you want to marry a woman, then ask about her family first, because it is the good roots that bears the sweet fruits, also know that women are different from one another just as the fingers on the hand are different from eachother.
(Rawdhat al uqala, part 11/12)
In sunah al kubra li bayhaqi, 13480, umar also said:
Wallahi, some women are like burdens and shackles around the neck and you can’t free yourself from their troubles while some few other women are so fantastic and amazing, that they can’t be replaced, simply IRREPLACEABLE.
Ihdina  Siratal  mustaqinah.

Compiled by Abu Unaysah.


And the Jews and Christians will never be pleased with you…” [al-Baqarah; 120]

“…so, this is their real problem. They do not lack the clear proofs, nor do they lack convincing arguments from you that you are upon the truth, and that what has come to you from your Lord is the truth. You can present to them whatever you wish, and you can be kind to them as much as you wish, but none of this will please them in the least.

They will be pleased by one thing and one thing only: that you follow their ways and abandon what you are upon of the truth.
It is this eternal ‘aqidah whose confirmation we see in every time and place…it is this belief that is the essence and reality of the battle that the Jews and Christians are inciting against the Muslim jama’ahin every land and in every era. It is the battle of belief that has reared its head, between the camp of Islam and these two camps that occasionally differ and quarrel between each other. They differ in the secondary aspects of the same creed that is common between them, but when it comes to fighting Islam and the Muslims, they are always in complete agreement!
Verily, it is the battle of beliefs, in its essence and reality. However, the two camps that are in enmity towards Islam and the Muslims apply various names to this battle, and they raise above it various banners – all out of evil and deceit. They experienced the zeal of the Muslims towards their religion and belief when they faced them under the banner of ‘aqidah. As a result, the stubborn enemies changed the banner of the fight. They no longer announce it as a battle in the name of belief – which is what it really is – out of fear of the surging zeal that would be evoked if they did so. Rather, they announce it in the name of land, economics, politics, military bases, etc., and they throw into the minds of the heedless ones among us that the issue of belief has become a thing of the past, having no relevance today, and that it we should not raise a banner and fight in its name! This is the characteristic of these idiotic blind followers.
They do all of this to protect themselves from the surging zeal that would be unleased for the sake of this belief, even though – between themselves – the international Zionists, Crusaders, and Communists all plot this battle first and foremost to destroy this solid boulder that they have been nudging for a long time, and which will destroy them all in the end!
Verily, it is a battle of beliefs. It is not a battle over land, crops, military bases, or any of these other empty banners. They impose these concepts on us out of an alterior motive: in order to deceive and distract us from the reality and nature of the battle. So, if we are deceived by this deception of theirs, and we distance ourselves from Allah’s guiding of His Prophet and Ummah in this regard, then we have nobody to blame but ourselves, as He is the most Truthful of speakers: {“And the Jews and Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their way…”}
So, this is the only price that they are willing to accept. Anything else will be rejected and pushed back.”
[‘Fi Dhilal al-Qur’an’; 1/108]


Thus whoever spends something today will benefit from it tomorrow and whoever does not spend will come to find nothing, and he will have a great loss in the house of dwelling (in the Hereafter).
Some of the Salaf said;

“O son of Adam, you will only live on the Day of Judgment in what you have built, and you will find on that day what possessions you have prepared in your life.”
A women entered upon 

‘A’ishah (radiy Allaahu anha), and her hand was paralysed. She said, “O mother of the Believers, I went to sleep yesterday and my hand was healthy, and I woke up and it was paralysed. ‘A’ishah said, “How is that?” She said, “I had wealthy parents, and my Father used to pay zakat, host guests, and give to beggars, and he did not see any good except that he would do it. As for my mother, she was stingy, and did nothing good with my Father’s wealth. Then my Father died, and my mother died only two months after him. So I saw my Father in a dream last night, and he was wearing two yellow garments and in front of him was a flowing river. I said, “Father, what is this?’ He said, “Whoever does good in this life will see it, this is what Allah has given me.” I said, “What has happened to my mother?” He asked, “Your Mother dies?” I said, “Yes”

He said, “She has been turned away from me, so look for her on your left” So I turned to my left, and I saw my mother standing naked, covering her lower half with a rag and in her hand was a piece of fat. She was calling out, “My sadness, my thirst’ When she became tired she would rub the fat with her hand and then lick it, while in front of her was a flowing river. I said, ‘O mother, why are you crying out of thirst, and there is a flowing river in front of you?’ She said, ‘I am not allowed to drink from it.’ I said, Can I give you some of the water?’ She said, ‘I wish you would do that.’ So I filled my hand with water and let her drink, and when she swallowed it I heard a voice on my right, ‘Whoever has given this woman water, may his hand be paralysed,’ and they repeated it twice. Then I awoke and my hand was paralysed, and I am not able to do anything with it. ‘A’ishah asked: ‘Did you recognise the rag she was wearing?’ I said, ‘Yes, O Mother of the Believers, it was exactly the same one I saw her wearing, for I had never seen my mother give anything as charity, except that one day my Father slaughtered a bull. So a beggar came to ask for some, so my mother gave him a bone that had some fat on it. And I saw one day that a beggar asked her for charity, so she gave him that exact rag.’

A’ishah (radiy Allaahu anha) said, Allah is the Most Great! Allah has told the truth, and the Messenger has delivered the message.
فَمَن يَعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّةٍ خَيْرًا يَرَهُ

وَمَن يَعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّةٍ شَرًّا يَرَهُ

“So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it,

And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it” [al-Azalzalah (99): 7-8]

This was nararted by Hafiz Abu Musa al-Madani with a good isnad.[21]

[21] Hakim in his al-Mustadrak, (4/471) and by Ibn Abi al-Dunya in his ‘Kitab al-Mujabi al-Du’a,(p.74-75). Ibn Rajab also authenticated it.
Source: “The Three that follow to the Grave”

Transcribed by AbdurRahman.org


Praise be to Allaah and blessings of Allaah be upon His Messenger and Chosen Prophet. 

Some Muslims have lost their faith in Allaah, because Donald Trump is the new USA President due to the bad statements he uttered about Islaam and Muslims. 
Some of the bad statements are; closing down the Mosques because of terrorists attack.
Giving American Muslims special data base in order to control terrorism and he sees Mosque as the hideout for terrorists.
My question to those Muslims who have lost their faith by fearing Donald Trump, is that, is Donald Trump more wicked than Fir’awn, Aboo Lahab or Aboo Jahl? 
If you are truly a faithful Muslim you don’t need to fear Donald Trump for his bad agenda against Islaam beecause it is Allaah Who safeguards His religion not us.
Allaah says: It is only Shaytaan that causes you to fear from his friends, but do not fear them, and fear Me if you are believers. (Sooratu Aali-Imraan verse 175).
Besides if America is no longer a better place, migrate to where you can practise your religion with calmness since America is not a Paradise. 
During the time of Prophet Muhammad, Allaah told him to leave Makkah, where he was born, due to the affliction on him by the Unbelievers, and he went to Madinah where he was welcomed.
The worst part of it is that, many people wish Hillary Clinton, a woman to become President of America, as if her victory will favour Islaam. What a wrong thought!
It is clearly indicated by the hadeeth of Aboo Bakrah who said that when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) heard that the Persians had appointed the daughter of Chosroes as their queen, he said: 
“No people who appoint a woman as their leader will ever prosper.” (Reported by Al-Bukhaari, 13/53).
My advice for the Muslims, who are worried about the election victory of Donald Trump, is to rely on Allaah and focus on their religion.
Allaah’s help to the Muslims against their disbelieving enemies who wage war on them is something real and true. 
Almighty Allaah has promised that to the believers, and has told them that it is near, and that He only delays it for certain significant reasons. 
The one who has strong faith and true certainty will realise that it is indeed near as the Lord, may He be exalted, has told us.
The help of Allaah that is near is not for everyone who claims to believe or claims to be a Muslim; rather it is only for those who truly believe in their hearts and carry out their duties as enjoined by Islaam.
May Almighty Allaah keep us safe and sound from worries and to relieve us of distress and anxiety, for He is the All-Hearing, Ever-Responsive, and He is the Ever-Living, Eternal. Ameen
Gathered by Abu Mardiy Kewdirôrun At-thaqoofiy

​The Reality Of Fortune-Telling

Among men are those who claim possession of hidden knowledge and knowledge of the future. 

They are known by many names: fortuneteller, soothsayer, oracle, palmist, foreseer, augur, magician, prognosticator, astrologist, etc. 
The claimants use different methods to extract their ‘information’, such as reading tea leaves, drawing lines, writing numbers, palm reading, casting horoscopes, crystal ball gazing, rattling bones, throwing sticks, etc.
Any such claimant can be broken down into 2 categories:
1. Those who guess or say things that generally happen to people, after going through a set of meaningless rituals.

  1. Those who do so with the help of jinn and this involves the great sin of shirk. They usually tend to have a higher level of accuracy.
    The Islamic ruling is very clear on ANY such form, and that is, it is forbidden. 
    Engaging in any of the above out of curiosity is also forbidden. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever goes to a fortune-teller and asks him about something, his prayer will not be accepted for forty nights.” Narrated by Muslim (2230). 
    Visitation out of belief is kufr (disbelief). The attribution of the knowledge of the unseen to a human being destroys Thawheed of the names and attributes of Allah. 
    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) also said: “Whoever goes to a soothsayer and believes what he says has disbelieved in that which was revealed to Muhammad.” Narrated by Abu Dawood. 
    In conclusion, let us keep in mind the following ayah, and fear and obey Allah as he deserves to be feared and obeyed:
    “Say: “None in the heavens and the earth knows the Ghaib (Unseen) except Allaah” [27:65]
    [Reference: Dr. Bilal Philips, The Fundamentals of Tawheed]

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