A Common complaint and a  Unique way Out

If you’ve ever felt this way, then the following words are for you.
Imam Ibnu Taymiyyah was asked,

“What is the cure for a person who has been gripped with illness? A person who is in the clasp of destruction? What does a person do if he has been overcome by laziness? How can I be a person who is assisted by Allah? What is the solution for a person who has been defeated by confusion, for whenever he tries turning to Allah his desires prevent him and whenever he seeks to be productive, failure haunts him?”
The Imam responded,

“His cure is to turn to Allah and continue pleading with Him in Du’aah by learning the Du’aah of the Prophet (PBUH) and to carefully choose the times when Du’aah is answered, like the last part of the night, and between the call for prayer and Iqaama, and during prostration, and after prayer.”

“He should add to this Istighfaar (asking Allah for forgiveness), for a person who does this and is subsequently forgiven, Allah will give him a life of enjoyment until an appointed time”

“Let him also adopt a portion of remembrances in the morning and evening and before falling asleep, and let him patiently resist the matters that prevent and distract him from doing this, for it will only be a matter of time before Allah will start sending him assistance from Him and will write ‘iman within his heart”

“Let him also ensure that all of his obligations are complete, including the five daily prayers, both inwardly and outwardly, for prayer is the pillar of Deen”

“Let him also make the majority of his speech the words of ‘Laa howla wa laa quwwata illa billaah al-‘Ali al-‘Adheem’ (‘There is no strength or might except in Allah, The Most High, The Most Great’), for through this statement, one will be able to bear the heaviest of burdens and tackle all horrors and attain the best of circumstances”

“Let him never tire of making Du’aah and requests from Allah, for one’s Du’aah will be answered so long as he doesn’t hurry his Lord by saying ‘I made Du’aah, but it wasn’t answered'”

“Let him know that victory is with patience and relief is with grief and with difficulty is ease”

“And there isn’t any human being who can attain any form of goodness, whether he is a prophet or someone less than that, except via patience.

And all praise is due to Allah.”
(From the book, ‘Mukhtasar Al-Fataawal Misriyya’)

Courtesy: Daily fawaaid


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