The Tenth Door of Sustenance 

al-Birr (Righteousness)
‘Al-Birr al Waalidain’ — being righteous towards the parents, its affair is great. And it is a door from the doors of relief from grief, and it is a door from the doors of rizq and it is a means from the means of rizq. Allaahu (azzawajal) says:

“Innal abraara lafee na’eem. Wa innal fujjaara lafee jaheem.’’‘Verily the (Abraar) the pious people are going to be in Paradise and the (Fujjaar) the wicked, evil doers will be in the Hellfire.’
Imaam Ibnul-Qayyim (Rahimahullaah) mentions in his book ‘Madaarij as-Saalikeen’ – the people who check the course — in the first volume that the one that thinks that Naeem and Jaheem i.e the Paradise and the Fire in this ayah will only be on the Day of Judgement, then he has misconstrued the ayah. The ayah is general. So the abraar are in Naeem’ in the Dunya (worldly life), and the Barzaakh (the period between death and the day of resurrection) and the Aaakhirah (Hereafter). And the Fujjaar – the wicked, evil doers are in Jaheem in the Dunya (worldly life), in the Barzaakh and in the Aakhirah.
And from the Naeem, the pleasantry of the Dunya is good provision, halaal provision, pure sustenance, that is a help for you to do righteous deeds. In that case, then be righteous to your parents and ya subhanAllaah. This is something that is tested and proven to be true. Just by if you did good to your parents and by being righteous to them, help them and ask from them du’aa except that Allaah will provide for you good and fast sustenance as the Prophet said in Saheeh al-Jaami : ‘there are two subjects whose punishments are made to come fast. Al-Baghi i.e infringement upon people’s rights and ‘uqooq’ i.e being disobedient to the parents.
The one who infringes on the rights of the people, infringes on the rights of the people with oppression, infringes on the rights of the people by insult, infringes on their rights by striking physically, infringes on their rights with transgression and taking their money or striking their bodies or insulting their honour. This ‘baab’ or affair — its punishment comes in this life and fast, i.e. before the Aakhirah and just like this ‘al-Uqooq’ – disobedience to the parents. The punishment of disobedience to parents comes fast and the opposite is the same al-Birr and Adl and Insaaf. i.e justice / equity.
Insha-Allaah you will take the reward now and later. This is the developed understanding of the Hadith and the ayah:

“Innal abraara lafee na’eem” – Verily the pious people or the people that are the righteous are in the Paradise. So there are ‘’Naeem’’ in their Dunya and their Aakhirah. And from the Naeem is self-contentment. Even if what is in his position is minute. Allaah has given him ‘an-Naeem’ in the dunya – he feels contentment with that. He is not like the one that was victim to bankruptcy, feels that he has nothing in his pocket – bankruptcy, he has a lot of burden, always thinking, always angry.
Excerpt from Means of Sustenance: Shaykh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhaab al-Wassaabee


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