The Ninth Door of Sustenance 

ad-Du’aa (Supplication)
Don’t forget ad-Du’aa O’ Servants of Allah. Its affair is enormous. And your Lord said: ‘Call on me and I will answer you’.

Du’aa is if you said something like:

‘Allahummar-ziqni’ — O Allaah provide for me.

Rizqan Halaalan’ – a Halaal rizq.

‘Tayyiban’ – pure

‘Mubarakan’ — blessed

‘And make what you provided for us something a means of help – that would help us in your obedience.’
‘O Allaah it is your rizq that is pure and halaal.’

‘O Allaah make me be free with your halaal — from having to deal with anything that is haraam. To be free from needing anything except your bounty.’
You have supplicated to Allaah asking for good sustenance because he ordered you to supplicate. Allaah ordered you to supplicate and He has promised you that He will answer. And what do you think, du’aa is for something else and not for rizq? No, it is even for rizq.
Allaah mentions from the supplications from His righteous slaves : ‘O Allaah give us in this world the good and in the Hereafter the good and save us from Fire.’ – And from the good of the Dunya is halaal sustenance that helps you in the obedience of Allaah. And the Hadith of Anas in the saheehain that he said: ‘Every time the Prophet used to make dua, he used to make dua with this du’aa:

‘Rabbana Aaathina fid-Dunyaa hasana wafil Aaakhirathi hasana wa kina azaabannaar.’ — ‘O Allaah give us the good in this world and the good in the Hereafter and save us from the Hell-Fire.’
So, du’aa its affair is great. So supplicate to your Lord to give you good sustenance and halaal provision and pure sustenance, blessed provision and beneficial sustenance and you should ask Him to satisfy you with halaal and not with haraam and to make you satisfied with His bounties and not in need of others.
The Prophet used to say in between the two sajdaas in salaah:

Rabbigh firli warhamni, wajburni, ….

“O Allaah forgive me and have mercy on me, make me firm, guide me, comfort me and sustain me.”

Between the two sajdaas in every salaah and sometimes he would say

“Rabbighfir lee, Rabbigh firlee — O Allaah forgive me, O Allaah forgive me.’’
Look at how many hadiths with regard to seeking rizq or sustenance from Allaah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) and this is considered from the means as you have heard from the legislated means.
Excerpt from Means of Sustenance: Shaykh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhaab al-Wassaabee


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