Curing Magic with similar Magic, by saying: “I am forced to do this?”

Bismillaah , wal Hamdulillaah , wasSalaatu wasSalaamu alaa Rasoolillah

Curing magic is known as Nushrah amongst the scholars. The correct opinion, which the scholars that have verified this issue are upon is that curing magic is divided into two categories:

First: Curing magic with magic just like it. This is forbidden.

Second: Curing magic with incantations that have been prescribed in the Religion or lawful medications. This is permissible. One may recite Ayat-ul-Kursee or the Mu’awidhatayn [5] or the verses that talk about magic in them. Or he may utter supplications that have been prescribed in the Religion such as:

“O Allaah, Lord of makind. Remove this harm and cure me. You are the Healer – there is no cure except Your cure – a cure that does not leave a sickness” and

“In the Name of Allaah. I perform ruqyaa on you from everything that is harming you and from every jealous person or evil eye. May Allaah heal you.”

Or he may use lawful medicines or good remedies. There is no harm in any of this. This is the correct view that is held by those who have verified this issue. Furthermore, this is the view that the great scholar Ibn Al-Qayyim has preferred and it is the view that the Imaam and Mujaddid, Muhammad bin ‘Abdil-Wahhaab (rahimahullah) has preferred in his book Kitaab at-Tawheed, saying “Chapter: What has been reported concerning Nushrah.”

So therefore, Nushrah is divided into two categories: Nushrah that is permissible and Nushrah that is forbidden. Nushrah means curing and removing the magic that has been placed on someone. Curing him with magic the likes of it is forbidden, whereas curing it with prescribed incantations or permissible medicines is allowed.

[5] Translator’s Note: Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Naas

Posted from al-ibaanah e-Book : Explanation of “The Nullifiers of Islaam” – Shaykh ‘Abdul-Azeez Ar-Raajihee

Reference: AbdurRahman.Org

…May Allah give us a better understanding & guide us to accept the truth


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