Salaat ut-Tawbah (Prayer of Repentance)

Q: When I was a young man, I committed some sins. Alhamdulillaah [All praise is due to Allah], for having guided me to make Tawbah (repentance to Allah). However, I still have doubts about whether Allaah has accepted my Tawbah or not. Kindly enlighten me regarding Salat ut-Tawbah (Prayer of Repentance). May Allaah reward you with the best!

A: Alhamdulillaah, tawbah wipes out all one’s past sins. Therefore, you should give up your doubts that Allaah has turned your Tawbah away. Rather, you have to expect good from your Lord and have firm belief that He has accepted your heartfelt Tawbah. This is based on the ayah in which Allaah says:
“And all of you beg Allaah to forgive you all, O believers, that you may be successful.” [Suraat un-Nur (24): 31]

In the above aayah, Allaah has made success contingent upon making Tawbah. Anyone who turns in Tawbah to Allaah, will achieve success. Allaah (Glorified be He) says:
“And verily, I am indeed forgiving to him who repents, believes (in My Oneness, and associates none in worship with Me) and does righteous good deeds, and then remains constant in doing them, (till his death). Allaah is the Ever-Truthful Who never breaks His Promises.” [Suraat Ta­-Ha (20): 82]

Allaah (Glorified be He) also says:
“O you who believe! Turn to Allaah with sincere repentance! It may be that your Lord will expiate from you your sins, and admit you into Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise)” [Suraat ut-Tahrim (66): 8]

In the above aayah, Allaah’s Promise, as indicated by the words “It may be …”, should be understood to mean that He will surely fulfill His Promise.
Therefore, you have to expect good from Allaah and assume that He has accepted your Tawbah provided that you are sincere and full of remorse for committing these past sins. You also have to be determined not to return to doing them again. You have to be aware of incitements of Satan. In one hadith qudsy (revelation from Allaah in the prophet’s (‘alayhi ssalaatu wassallam) words), Allaah (Glorified and Exalted be He) says:
“I am near to the thought of My Servant as he thinks about Me.”

Therefore, you ought to have firm belief that Allaah has accepted your Tawbah. The Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) said:
“Let none of you die without expecting good from Allaah (may He be Glorified and Exalted).” (Related by Muslim in his Saheeh)

As for Salaat ul-Tawbah, it was authentically reported on the authority of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
“Anyone who commits a sin, performs Wudu’ (ablution) properly, and then offers two Rak’ahs (units of Prayer) wherein he asks Allaah to forgive his sins, Allaah will accept his Tawbah.” (Related by Ahmad)

May Allah grant us success!

Transcribed from: Salaat ut-Tawbah (Prayer of Repentance) | Fataawa Ibn Baaz


…May Allah give us a better understanding & guide us to accept the truth


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