Ask and ask until He gives you.
[1] Allaah is truly the best of those respond, and He responds and answers the supplications, and he is well able to respond to any supplication before you even ask and it is in His power to do so, and He does not abandon His slaves. so never question His Ability or His Mercy, rather ponder over His Wisdom and His promises.

[2] We truly don’t know what is best for us, because sometimes we may think we know what is best and we may ask so much for it, but perhaps it is not as significant as we think it may be compared to something else which is so much better for us, and Allaah’s choice for us is so much better for us that what we wish to choose for ourselves. and instead of Allaah giving us what we want just like that, He does us a big favor by keeping away from us those things we may ask Him which are not good for us. He is able to give us what we want and He could then easily make us taste its evil and then we would start regretting why we ever wanted that thing, and we would start regretting why we were not pleased with Allaah’s choice for us, but truly He saves us from this humiliation many times as He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy

[3] Allaah hears all of our prayers and supplications, in times of great distress and in times of joy, and we are blessed that the decree of Allaah is according to His will and His infinite wisdom, because it we always got what we wanted, we would be destroyed. but rest assured that Allaah’s promise is true, and He will answer you if you ask Him sincerely and ask Him for khayr, and many times He grants you just what you wanted and puts so much barakah in it, but do remember that at other times, there may be something better for you, so the answer to your du’aa may not always come in the form or way you wanted, but in a form or way so much better than you could have ever wanted, and surely Allaah is able to bring you that and Allaah will grant you the khayr that you ask Him for if you would just put your trust in Him as you were commanded.

[4] Allaah is al-‘Aleem, while we know nothing, so we have to trust Him and His judgments, and believe and have certainty that He is protecting us from great harm and bestowing on us favors we don’t deserve

[5] It doesn’t decrease Allaah from His Richness to give you all you ask for in the blink of an eye, nor does it harm Him, so always know that whatever He decrees for you in terms of your hopes and dreams, it is out of His Wisdom and Mercy for you own sake and for your own good


…May Allah give us a better understanding & guide us to accept the truth


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