You make the so called western education attractive to your children but relegate Islamic/Quranic education to the very tail end.

You spend thousands of naira on school fees annually but would not pay their little islamiya fee.

You buy many school uniforms for your child but have just one for Islamiya.

You make them look polished while going to school but remain shabby when going to islamiya

You cook all sort of foods for them to take to school but as for islamiya they should drink from the tap if available

You drive them to and from school but they must trek to islamiya

You buy so many textbooks for them but cannot afford common bagadadi for them

You get home lesson teachers for them but  not concerned about their improvement in Qur’anic education

Your children sit on comfortable chairs and learn under AC in school but will have to learn Quran on bare floor and you are not touched

You send your children to study history in Harvard but can not afford to send them to Madina to learn Hadiths

You go to see your children teachers to know how fast they are learning but if islamiya invites you to discuss your child, the mallam is ignored

You attend every graduation in your child’s school but cannot attend walimats in islamiya

Now ask yourself how many islamic books your children have?

you want your children to be like western professors and not like ibn Abbas, Ali, Umar, Uthman and host of others

You want your child to be head boy and not muazin like Bilal

what kind of parents are you?

Your child spends 8 to 9 hours in school daily but an hour in islamiya

dear, i have not judged you by this but only reminded you of what you know and do

for there is only one judge i.e Allah and certainly just one day of judgement and indeed cannot be today.

non Muslims will not read the Quran or hadith but they will read you. Whatever you do is Islam to them. so present Islam in its original form.

may Allah make you understand this better than i have struggled to explain.

…May Allah give us a better understanding & guide us to accept the truth


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