During the regime of Umar bn Alkhattaab, three men came -to him- holding a young man and they said; O the leader of the believers, we need you to claim our right from this man because he has killed our father.

Umar bn Alkhattaab said -to the young man-; why did you kill him?

The man said; I am a herdsman.. One of my donkeys ate -from- tree in their father’s farm and he stoned it to death so I picked the same stone and stoned him and he died.

Umar bn Alkhattaab said; then I will do justice on you. The man said; spare me three days because my father just passed away and left a bag of money for me and my younger brother so if you kill me, the inheritance will be wasted and my younger brother would live miserably after me.

Then umar bn Alkhattaab said; who will stand for you? Then the man looked at the faces of the audience and said; This man.

Then umar bn alkhattaab said; O Aboo dharr, would you stand for this man? Then Aboo dharr said; Yes, O leader of the believer.

Then umar said; you don’t know him and if he runs away (refuses to come back), I will punish you in his stead. Then Aboo dharr said; I will stand for him and the man left.

The first day passed by, same with the second day and on the third day, people started asking of him from Aboo dharr so for justice not to be passed on him in his (man) stead.

When it was few minutes after magrib salat, the man came panting and he has indeed been stressed out and stood before the leader of the believer; umar bn Alkhattaab.

The man said; I have handled both the inheritance an my brother to his uncles so I am here for justice.

Umar was astonished and said; What brought you back when you had the chance to run??

Then man said; I was scared of people not to say fulfillment of promise has gone away from human beings..

Then  umar asked Aboo dharr why he stood for him?? Then Aboo dharr said; I was afraid of people not to say good deed has gone away from humans..

The sons of the deceased were touched with these -words- and said; we have pardoned him. Then umar said; why? They said; we are scared of people not to say; pardon has gone away from human being..

Brethren, Where are we in this type of indelible act. As for me, I translated and shared this with you for people not to say; calling to good deed has gone away..

Nobody possesses a pure heart than a pure person and a pure story is a beautiful thing one leaves in the hearts of others.

May Allaah make good deed easy for us, Aamiyn.

…May Allah give us a better understanding & guide us to accept the truth


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