5 Great Benefits of fasting

Whoever starts fasting next wednesday, 10th of shawwal to monday 15th of shawwal will in sha Allahu benefit from 5 things:
1. Fasting of the whole year (siyamud dahri)

2. Fasting of the brightest days of the month
(siyamu ayyamul bidhi)

3. Fasting of 6 days of shawwal (siyamu sitti

4. Fasting of monday and thursday (siyamul
ithnaini wal khamis)

5. Fasting of 3 days in every month (siyamu
salasatu ayyamin min kulli shahrin).

A great perfume who is ready for the scent?
Don’t leave the message for your own use only because you don’t know how many Muslims will fast because of you.

…May Allah give us a better understanding & guide us to accept the truth


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