Once there were four men who spread an accusation of immorality against the Holy Prophet’s wife Aisha. Their allegation was ultimately proved to be false because they failed to back it up with any witnesses. One of the four men, called Mistah, used to receive financial assistance from Abu Bakr, Aisha’s father. After this incident, Abu Bakr swore never again to help Mistah. The following verse was revealed to the Holy Prophet on this occasion:

“Let not the possessors of grace and means among you swear against giving to the near relatives and the poor and those who had to flee in God’s way. Pardon and overlook. Do you not love that God should forgive you?” (24:22)

Hearing this, Abu Bakr exclaimed:
“Indeed, I certainly love that God should forgive me”. (Bukhari). He then resumed providing assistance to Mistah, as before.

1) Giving sadaqa for Allah’s seek only.
2) Never to withhold charity because the people we give don’t appreciate and sometimes abusive. Allah instead is watching and appreciating.
3) Forgive others for Allah to forgive you.

I ask Allah to forgive us all and accept our efforts. Ameen

…May Allah give us a better understanding & guide us to accept the truth


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