Over Eating is not only UnIslamic but also Unhealthy


Dear brothers and sisters in Islam

As Muslims, it’s important for us to recognize that our body is entrusted to us by Allah subuhanawuta’ala, just like our soul is entrusted to us by Him. Don’t we have an obligation to return our body to Allah subuhanawuta’ala in the best fashion possible?

Many of us are guilty of abusing our body as Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wasallam rightly said, “Health and time are two of Allah’s most wasted blessings among most humans.” (Saheeh Bukhari)

He sallalahu alayhi wasallam also said, “The worst thing that man can fill is his stomach” (Ahmed)

Researches suggest that filling one’s stomach leads to modern diseases such as diabetics, cholesterol, heart attack, stroke etc.! One of the latest researches even suggests, that too much eating shortens one’s lifespan, insha Allah

…May Allah give us a better understanding & guide us to accept the truth


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