Young Girls, yes you truly look gorgeously PRETTY but, I have to
warn you not to loose your VIRGINITY.
Don’t allow what you see in your VICINITY to break your wall of

Your VIRGINITY is your DIGNITY, therefore protect it and make it your
number one PRIORITY.

Don’t allow error of PROXIMITY to lead you into IMMORALITY. Your friends
call you MINORITY because you don’t
follow their PARTY of MAJORITY! They show off their body for money
& also committing different ATROCITY.

Now you are feeling PITY, thinking of embracing their INSANITY but, listen to
me dear, with ALLAH’s (SWT) Grace you have a true IDENTITY & you are
covered by divine IMMUNITY. Leave them to PARTY in their IRASCIBILITY because in REALITY the end is CALAMITY. They will become HIV CASUALTY and eventually end up in hell in ETERNITY if they don’t desist.

If you have lost your VIRGINITY already, worry not! ALLAH (SWT) can still
give you a new IDENTITY. HE is All-Forgivingand Merciful. His DIVINITY will
help your HUMANITY but you have to stop all forms of IMMORALITY so that you can get access into the beautiful CITY (AL- JANNAT) prepared by ALMIGHTY

Don’t allow that MUSCLE in your body to paralyse your destiny!
Remember that, the whole of life is not SEX. May ALLAH overlook our
individual ATROCITY and cover us with His GENEROSITY!

Ihdina Siraatal Mustaqiima !!!!!!!!


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