Praise be Allaah.

Observing Tahajjud (Night Vigil) to honor the Last Date in December is nothing but ignorance.

Many of our brethren will be found gathering themselves or probably keeping their household awake all in the name of honoring the last date in the month of December and welcoming the first day in the month of January.

All these actions are however from ignorance as indeed these muslims who give honor to this month and others like it need to understand that it is not permissible for the Muslims to hold at high esteem any other method of counting the alternation in days and nights other than the one established by Allaah Jalla Wa ‘alaa for Mankind. This is no other than the 12 Lunar months (popularly called Hijr Calendar).

Verily; Allaah says in Suuratu Tawbah:

“Indeed the months with Allaah (established and affirmed with Him) is the 12 Lunar Months; The month(s) in Allaah’s book…” Now we understand that the month Allaah establishes for His true believers are Hijr months. So a true believer in Allaah and the Last Day should therefore hold tight to what Allaah has established and honored.

Allaah blessed us Muslims with the best of method for counting the alternation in days and nights. And it is from these blessed months that we observe all our ‘ibaadaat (acts of worship). Like Hajj is during the month of Dhul Hijjah; The Obligatory fasting is in the month of Ramadoon and so on.

Now we see how important the lunar months are to Islaam. Islaam does not give the least of recognition to the Gregorian calendar from the establishment of the rulings in the religion.

A Muslim should not give any special honor or recognition to these Gregorian months other than its usage for paying workers’ salaries and other similar affairs in secular countries like Nigeria where the Gregorian is being implemented.

We should not be deceived by some confusionists statement of: “Eni ti Odun ba balaye ko shope abi ko dupe” (Whoever is opportuned to meet a (new) year/festival should be thankful).

We should simply make hijra from their doubtful matters and inform them that Allaah has blessed the Muslims with just two festivals; Eidul Adhaa amd Eidul Fitr. More so; a sound Muslim should understand that he is not meant to wait till the end of one particular year or month before he is thankful to Allaah.

So whoever honors these Gregorian months like January first has indeed imitated the kuffaar; and the Prophet (alayhi s solaatuwa s salaam) said as reported in the Sunan of Imaam Aboo Daawud that:

“Whoever imitates a group of people is part of them”.

………….And Allaah knows best.


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